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Business, Art and Technology Department

National, Brunei Darussalam

1st Term Project 1: Cross stitch Souvenir [Individual] 2nd Term Normal Lesson of basic account business -[week 14] Normal Lesson of basic art and design- [week 15 until week 23] Normal Lesson of basic Technology ICT- [ 23 until week 25] Project 2: Logo Branding and packaging [Individual] 3rd Term Project 2.1: DIY table lamp [individual]
1st Term Project 1: Creative File Folder [Individual] Project 1.1: Bookmark [Group work] 2nd Term Project 2: Brochure or leaflet (Brunei Darussalam Tourism) [individual] Project 2.1: Making and design creative 3 Dimension pop up Hari Raya Aidifitri Card [individual] Project 3: Handmade Floor mat using used t-shirts [group work] 3rd term Project 4: Make and design a mobile pouch [use basic sewing technique]-Individual